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[FANART] - Find Him There
forcryinoutloud wrote in hewligan_fb
Title: Find Him There
Artist: danceswithgary
Rating: G
Companion Story Title: Find Him There
Warnings: None
Artist's Notes: I hope I've captured Rodney's haunting past and John's determination in this piece.

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Another gorgeous piece :)

Gorgeous. I just want to give Rodney a hug.

He definitely needed one. *nods* Thanks!

Definitely haunting! I love how the three characters aren't meeting each others' gazes and have distance between them, it really creates a feeling of intrigue.

I wanted people to wonder why they were separated and unhappy (with the mysterious third figure), so I'm glad that worked for you! Thanks!

This is absolutely beautiful. I think you did a wonderful job capturing the distance and emotions.

Thank you, I'm so pleased you like it! :-D

Gorgeous fanart :) I love how Sam is faded. She's not in the fic, but her presence is still felt since she's a big part of what's happened in the past. Love the John and Rodney you chose -- Rodney looks defeated, but John is standing tall and determined, and it looks like his eyes are fixed on Rodney :D

The choice of screencaps for position and expression can be time-consuming but worth it when it works for the viewer. Thanks for commenting! :-D

Beautiful. And it goes perfectly with the story.

That's the best compliment, Thanks so much!

Love your beautiful art hon, as always you do a great job.

Thanks so much - you're always a great cheerleader. :-D

I love your artwork for the story - it elegantly conveys the plot line. It's spare and emotionally resonant. Lovely! :)

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback! :-D

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