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[FANART] - Maximum Blond Cover // Stalking Hot Non-Blonds
forcryinoutloud wrote in hewligan_fb
Title: Maximum Blond Cover // Stalking Hot Non-Blonds
Artist: gblvr
Rating: G
Companion Story Title: Maximum Blond by omg_wtf_yeah
Warnings: none, other than an odd taste in music
Artist's Notes: This story was a lot of fun to read, but a challenge
to make art for! I tried a lot of different things before settling on
a cover featuring John's bleached 'do and a mix of songs that I hope
convey the quirky, fun tone of the story....

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I love the 'album cover' effect and the songs look like bouncy fun! :-D

(Deleted comment)
Oh, this is so, so cool!! Thank you so much for making such awesome artwork!! This is so awesome! :D:D

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I really do. :)

Looking forward to listening to this :)

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I love the fanart/fanmix for this fic :D I think it captures the feel of the fic really well XD And it was fun to see a picture of what John's hair looks like :P

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Can't wait to listen to this!

(Deleted comment)
Cool. I can't wait to listen to the music you picked for this.

(Deleted comment)
I'm just diving into the Hewligan Big Bang stuff and this looks awesome! I don't have any of those songs, so extra cool! I can't wait to try it out while reading the story! Thanks for sharing!! :D

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