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[FANART] - Fires That Burn Within
forcryinoutloud wrote in hewligan_fb
Title: Fires That Burn Within
Artist: danceswithgary
Rating: R
Companion Story Title: Fires That Burn Within
Warnings: Contains images NSFW
Artist's Notes: Tarlan's piece inspired me to create my first fanvid. I hope I've conveyed the incendiary nature of the Claude/Hector pairing.

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Haven't read the story yet but this sure wet my appetite.
Feel free to make more videos.

Thanks for checking it out and for the encouragement! :-D

I've been looking forward to the reveal purely because I wanted everyone to see the wonderful vid you created to go with my story. Love how it conveys the action and love in my story...and all with the theme of fire!

The visuals in your story were quite an inspiration, I'm thrilled you liked the result. You're welcome to post a copy to your website if you like. Thanks!:-D

I definitely do like! Thank you :) I'll upload a copy to my website and attach it to my story once we can post them elsewhere :)

I love your vid! (I wanted to say 'cool' but incendiary is a much better adjective)

Fires that Burn Within is next on my toread list but I love having a peek at the Hewligan characters -especially the ones I'm not so familiar with- before I start reading so this was perfect.

This is not one of the usual pairings, quite unique, in fact. That difference and the visuals were what inspired my first vid and I'm so glad you liked it! *twirls*

Wow, a very well done vid.

Thanks so much for your kind words, it was a great challenge to pick up. :-D

What an incredible video, considering the scarcity of clips you had to work with!
Bravo, m'dear!

Thanks so much! It was indeed a challenge. Thank goodness I had Vin Diesel and Pyro to help me fill in the blanks with all those lovely explosions. :-D

this was awesome! the music definitely fit the images, and the vid got me excited with anticipation to read the story. nice job!

Thanks, it's great that it worked for you! :-D

I think you did a great job conveying the "incendiary nature" of the pairing! Very nice clip choices. This really worked for me, and made me want to read the story, if I hadn't already. :)

I'm glad it would have led you to the story! Thanks so much! :-D

Wow, that was really something. You did a fantastic job enacting all the parts of Tarlan's story - it was really cool seeing it play out visually like that. Well done! :)

Thanks so much! Tarlan's story supplied great imagery to work with. :-D

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